Health based risk assessment

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Health Based Risk Assessment

ToxConsult identifies, acquires, and uses the most up-to-date scientific information needed to assess intrinsic hazards of chemicals, exposures to these chemicals and their corresponding health risks to humans. We aim to estimate the nature and likelihood of the adverse health effects in people who may be exposed to such chemicals in the workplace or in the environment.

The essential components of a health risk assessment include:

  • Problem Identification, which involves identifying primary sources of chemicals of concern and exposure pathways (e.g. inhalation of chemicals in air, ingestion of chemicals in soil, etc).
  • Exposure Assessment, which includes determining who could potentially be exposed to these chemicals in the environment (e.g. residents living around a mine, workers in a factory, etc.)
  • Toxicity Assessment, which comprises of compiling all relevant information on the chemicals of concern, which includes the types of adverse effects the chemicals can cause, the amount (or dose) of the chemicals that a person needs to be exposed to in order to develop these effects, etc.
  • Risk Characterisation, which entails combining the information from the exposure and toxicity assessment components in order to provide a quantitative or qualitative estimate of the risk of adverse health effects from exposure to the chemicals of concern.
  • Uncertainty Analysis, which involves identifying the major sources of uncertainty in the risk assessment, and the extent of error that could potentially be introduced by the uncertainties and how this may affect the risk assessment outcome and conclusions.

As part of the human health risk assessment process, ToxConsult can also aid in advising on and coordinating testing used to further inform and refine risk assessments by decreasing intrinsic uncertainties.

ToxConsult’s toxicologists have conducted, coordinated, or peer reviewed some of the most complex risk assessments in Australia.

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