Toxicology consulting

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Toxicology Consulting

Toxicology consulting is the practice of evaluating the potential for chemical exposures to affect human and environmental health and welfare.

Human beings regularly come into contact with a large number of chemicals on a daily basis, which may be naturally present in the environment or made by humans. Exposure to chemicals could result from working in a specific industry, from breathing in air emissions, from ingesting contaminated soil, or from everyday usage of consumer products such as pharmaceuticals or cosmetics.

As with all chemicals, the amount that an individual is exposed to (or the dose) as well as the duration of exposure will determine whether or not there may be a risk of developing adverse health effects. ToxConsult can aid companies, government bodies, and legal firms in understanding the mode of action of chemicals in the human body, their potential effects on human beings and the environment, and the doses required to elicit these effects.

What we provide

Staff at ToxConsult regularly provide high-quality expert toxicological advice; our past work includes:

  • Providing industry health or environmental managers with information and advice regarding the health risks of their chemical products to human beings and the environment.
  • Advising government agencies on the appropriateness of health based guideline values for chemicals in water, air, and soil, both for public and occupational exposures.
  • Preparing toxicological profiles and health effects reviews for a wide range of chemicals to aid in understanding potential hazards and help decision makers minimise risks.
  • Communicating results of toxicology reports clearly and effectively to community members.
  • Classification of hazardous substances, with a specialty in deriving environmental hazard classifications for mineral concentrates.

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